About Your Chiropractor

About your chiropractor

Long term chiropractic care had such a tremendous impact on the quality of my life and that of my family. Chiropractic works.  My mother was in a life threatening car accident when I was young. She got her life back thanks to an incredible,  kind and patient Chiropractor. I nearly lost the use of my hand as a young adult, and thanks to that very same Chiropractor I am able to perform at my full potential.  At a young age, I had a calling: All I  desired was to give back to others what my family and I received: a second chance at optimum health, to live a life full of vitality.

The Chiropractic lifestyle is intertwined into all aspects of my life; how I live my day to day life filled with energy, attending  my favourite fitness classes, and being a dedicated wife to my incredible husband. All with balance and ease, while maintaining a sometimes busy and demanding schedule. I  have a great love for life and adventure as well as the expression of life in all aspects. Exploring new countries, diving deep into books and immersing myself in nature brings me joy.  For all this you need a healthy nervous system to optimally express life. Hence why I get checked regularly and corrected if necessary, by my Chiropractor. 

I  love inspiring my  clients to prioritise their health and the health of their family, especially when there are no symptoms present. Life is demanding and if you want to thrive, whether you are a mom or dad, working at the office or at home, going to school or recently retired, I want to help  increase your quality of life and your capacity to deal with life’s stressors in a natural yet very effective way. It is an unbelievable privilege, which I cherish, to be able to work with the human body and connect to human beings every day. 

Over the past decade from South Africa where I was born, raised and opened my very first Chiropractic practice, to the Seychelles working with high-profile clients and some of the world’s elite, to the last few years here in the Netherlands, working along with some chiropractic greats, I have had many clients experience my approach as a Chiropractor. Life just “happens” to all of us; car accidents, sporting injuries, divorce, stress from work and simply raising a family. By including regular chiropractic care,  you are giving your body a fighting chance to handle the physical, emotional and chemical stressors in day to day life.

Healthy habits create a positive momentum for other healthy habits to emerge. Same way that toxic behaviours invite other toxic behaviours to allow for an unhealthy momentum. I suggest embracing chiropractic for a while and experience what happens, your body might surprise you. As Mahatma Gandhi so eloquently said “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” Today I implore  you  to start investing in your health and consider choosing The Chiropractic Collab to be part of your healing journey towards a happier, healthier YOU.

Expect miracles.
Dr Kelly
Chiropractor, Collaborator and Lover of Life